The RGP Couple

Shailee & John International Swedish Wedding Tyreso Slott Palace Sweden

They know that marriage is one of the most important things in this life & can't wait to start this new journey together, hand in hand.


They value their family above all else & are excited to start a family together, to continue their legacy of love.


They love life & are adventurous! They love to try new things & explore the world together.


They love each other through thick & thin- vowing to always be there for each other, even when things get rough...especially when things get rough.


They support one another's dreams & goals, & always work to build each other up whenever they can.


They are compassionate, have huge hearts & love love love animals! 


They treat every day with their significant other like it's a "never-ending sleepover with their best friend"! (This is what I say to my husband all the time!)