The RGP Groom

Bubp Wedding 11-4-2016-171.jpg

He loves his Bride deeply & passionately, & would do anything to see her smile.  


He loves the outdoors & being adventurous...whether it's a day out on the water kayaking, hiking up a mountain, or playing a little beach volleyball. He just loves to be outdoors in the fresh air & sunshine! 


He loves his mama & daddy- this is how you know a good man.


He cherishes the relationships in his life above all else & would do anything for his friends & family.


He knows the value of hard work, & works hard every day for the things he wants in life, & to provide for his family the best he can.


He loves to laugh & joke around. He doesn't take things too seriously because he knows you only live once! 


He's stylish in his own way, but let's his Bride style him whenever she wants because he knows it makes her happy.


He usually has a trusty, 4-legged companion...extra points if he has a soft heart for kitties!