The RGP Bride

Salt Flats Utah Bride Mormon Wedding

She loves her Groom deeply & passionately, & is thrilled at the thought of spending her life with him, making memory after memory! 


She loves her mama & daddy, & the love they have given her.


She loves traveling & experiencing new things, because she knows you can always replace "things", but you can never replace experiences & memories!


She values family traditions & treasures heirlooms passed down to her. She may even be wearing her grandmother's ring, or her mother's veil on her wedding day.


She knows the importance of writing a good "Thank You" note.


She celebrates love & the important people in her life, any chance she gets- whether it's her anniversary, her parents' anniversary or her best girls' birthdays!


She is stylish & feminine, but doesn't let her looks get the best of her. She knows that a caring & compassionate heart is the most valuable thing a woman can possess.


She is completely authentic & down to earth. Her best friends could tell you what she loves the most.


She has a soft heart for animals, especially fluffy kitties!