I feel that there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people.
— Vincent van Gogh




Jessica & Nick  ||  Wedding 

It's funny how now, I can't fathom our wedding day without Rachel! She was incredible - organized, energetic, creative, & so sweet! We were together all day, all over New Orleans,& even in the heat/humidity & the chaos of a wedding, she was cool & professional the entire time. She was always looking for the best shot, without being demanding or interrupting what was naturally happening that day. She had ideas for where to shoot that I hadn't even considered, & they may now be some of my favorite photos. She was a pure pleasure to work with from start to finish. I felt like she went above & beyond for me & Nick, & I can't tell you how much I appreciate it. Thank you for capturing how special Nick is to me & how much we love each other. All my thanks!






Jordan & Brendon Ft Myers Engagement Beach Session

Jessica & Dan  ||  wedding

"It is terrifying to choose a photographer to capture one of the most important days of your life… your wedding day. You have to trust a single person to be in the perfect spot, at the perfect time! Rachel & I have been friends since elementary, but don’t get me wrong- I didn’t choose Rachel as my “Special Day Person” just because I was comfortable with her. When Rachel chose photography as her passion, I was instantly hooked! Every picture she takes has meaning and it’s truly a gift. Rachel was very attentive & right away she had it all taken care of because she took the time to understand my wants/needs....one less thing the stressed-out bride has to deal with! The ideas & schedule outlines she provided were extremely helpful & much appreciated. On my wedding day, Rachel came in with a huge smile because she genuinely loves what she does. She gave me a huge sense of relief because she had the process down. She captured my favorite people showering me & my husband with love. The most memorable moment during our entire wedding day was when Rachel was shooting our Bridal Party. She asked the Bridesmaids to shout out the funniest memory of me & going down memory lane, standing beside my best friends is a moment that I will cherish forever- not to mention we had the absolute best facial expressions! Going through our pictures brought tears to my eyes. Rachel was able to capture the moments that I was unable to. It is so incredibly hard to slow down and breath on your wedding day, let alone try to remember all of those special moments. Rachel’s work is beyond words. I will recommend her over & over again. So, thank you Rachel for being an amazing person & a breathtaking photographer!"

Christine Bridal Session Alabama Photographer

Amaliah & Robert  ||  wedding

"Rachel was flawless from start to finish! We showed up for our engagement session, & as crazy & abnormal as our personalities are, she embraced it & really showcased our weirdness. It was such a fun day, & the pictures didn’t even show how freezing cold it was outside! On the day of our wedding, the ceremony was captured beautifully, & the family portraits were a lot quicker than we expected. Even with a bunch of crazy family members shouting what pictures to take, & the bride momentarily becoming a hangry bridezilla, she was a consummate professional & handled our outrageousness with grace. The bride/groom pictures didn’t look staged at all, & she captured all the big moments throughout the reception, staying until almost the very end of the night. All in all, she put at least 12 hours into shooting us, & that’s not to mention all the time she worked on editing our photos! There are actually a million reasons I would recommend Rachel, but this is long enough. Just remember that when you get married- even if the food is mediocre, the DJ is incompetent, & your aunt threw up on the table, an amazing photographer can remind you that it was still one of the best days of your life!"

Jessica & Nick New Orleans Wedding Canal Street




JOrdan & brendon  ||  engagement

"Rachel is phenomenal! From our first conversation with Rachel we knew we wanted to hire her. She is quick to respond to your emails or concerns & is very flexible when working with out-of-town clients! We hired her to do our engagement & wedding photos & she did not disappoint. Before arriving for our destination engagement photos, Rachel made sure to look up locations that went with the vibe & "look" we were trying to go for. On the day of our shoot, she paid close attention to all the details & made sure we were comfortable. Our photos are incredible, & everyone we show them to has asked us who shot them & if they travel... well, good news... she does! To anyone getting married or wants someone to capture life's little moments- hire Rachel, you will not be disappointed! We can't wait for her to shoot our upcoming wedding in the Keys!"







Christine  ||  portraits

"Honestly, being in front of the camera isn’t really my "thing", so I was pretty nervous to have pictures taken of me. But working with Rachel was so fun that most of my nervousness went away quickly. It was easy to get comfortable in front of the camera with Rachel jumping around, shouting funny phrases & doing silly dances to get me laughing & really enjoying myself during the shoot. With as much fun as we were having, I was thinking the pictures might consist of only me silly laughing & smirking, but the photos ended up being really beautiful! Rachel was so easily able to instruct me on how to move my body or position my face without it becoming stiff or uncomfortable. Overall, Rachel is a blast to work with & always produces incredibly beautiful photos!"





Robert and Amaliah Wedding Pensacola Florida Palafox Wharf